Some models can be tracked live via Internet / GPRS. You just need SIM card with a data plan for your tracker. Live tracking is a paid premium feature, which is available for just 2€ per tracker per month. (varies for different periods of activation)


  • Positions can be recorded every 10 seconds.
  • All data of active trackers is available for up to 12 months.
  • It all works without registration, without e-mail. The systems only gets to know your IMEI and no other personal data.
  • In order to provide the necessary server and database resource, the live tracking can only be offered as premium feature per tracker. There is also a trial period of 14 days for every tracker.
  • You can monitor every tracker from all your iOS devices. This is possible due to anonymous tokens which are stored in the iCloud.
  • You can also share the trackers with other iOS users. Within the app or with KML links. No extra costs - you pay only once per tracker.
  • The can administer multiple trackers.

Getting Started

  1. Add the tracker with its IMEI (aka device ID) to the app. Make sure to turn on the GPRS-switch for this tracker. Unfortunately this is not available for all models.
  2. Make sure, there is no PIN on the SIM card, if the tracker cannot handle it. Usually you would need to put the SIM in a regular mobile phone to configure it in a way, so it won't ask for the PIN anymore. Then you would put it in a tracker. Of course, this affects security, but at least there shouldn't be any financial risk with a prepaid contract.
  3. Make sure that there is credit on your mobile plan and that an internet flat rate has been activated.
  4. If necessary, aktivate the SIM's roaming feature.
  5. Depending on your cell provider, the APN plus sometimes user/password might have to be configured for accessing your mobile plan (via SMS command). If you are in doubt, just google for your cell provider + APN + internet, because username/password are no secret, but identical for all customers of each mobile phone service provider.
  6. Again, by sending an SMS command, the tracker needs to be told which server IP / port number it shall upload its location. These values will already be filled for you in the app - you just have to send the "IP" command.
  7. The server interprets all timestamps as UTC. It will not accept timestamps from the future, so please make sure that the tracker's time zone is set to "0" (Coordinated Universal Time). See "time zone" command within the app.
  8. The tracker now would send its location via internet instead of SMS. Trigger the auto-track feature with another SMS command to start live tracking.
  9. ◉◉◉ You should check now the three status lights within the app. The first stands for a proper server connection and should have turned green from the last steps. The second stands for authorization and is green if no one else has been claiming the tracker recently. Only when the first two lights are green, you can proceed to the next step.
  10. ◉◉◉ Now you can activate the tracker within the app for a fixed period of time. You will see a price per month - but this is no auto-renewing subscription - it's just for your information.