The iPhone App

Enables you to control a wide range of GSM-based GPS trackers via SMS and makes you can confidently leave your tracker's manual at home. But that is not all...


Easy and intuitive.

SMS Commands

Have them always with you on the move.


The list of compatible types grows constantly.

Cell Towers

Locating via build-in OpenCellID database.

Live Tracking

Available as premium feature for some trackers.


You will be using everything anonymously.

AppStore Ratings

4.1 of 5 (all regions)

good value for money after all ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

from Sir George IV – 04/17/2016

I finally found this app after I already spent more than 10$ on similar apps. I like how it supports dozens of tracker types. The interface is simple - yet powerful. Little gimmicks like “quick commands” are not very obvious from the beginning. I was also surprised how the app was capable of locating cell ids when it was suddenly necessary. There is some other app on the store which just does that - and it is 5$! It’s a shame though, that you still have to copy your incoming SMS and switch to the app. Apple does not allow apps to access the messages directly. Apart from that I can recommend this app to anyone with a compatible tracker. You can even check the compatibility beforehand on the developers website. I have a TK 5000 and this app makes it enjoyable! :-)

Good bit of kit made Brilliant ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

from Davey the Wavey – 04/30/2011

A lot of the gps trackers from China are very good, but are hard to set up and use because of the poor English translations. However, this application makes makes the TK102 Simple to use and gives access to loads of easy to apply functions.

Great utility ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

von Johnep101 – 08/02/2014

This is a very hand utility for controlling your car tracker, very simple interface well thought out. Also the developer is very helpful and responsive, he goes out of his way to help. It good to see someone who cares and really supports his App. I reccomend this app! 5 stars!


c't magazin für computertechnik

"[...] Alternativ bieten sich Smartphone-Apps mit grafischer Bedienung wie das „GPS Tracker Tool“ von Michael Höreth an (kostet 9 Euro). Das Tool übersetzt für viele Tracker-Modelle Einstellungen und Abfragen in SMS-Befehle, die man nur noch abschicken muss."

Ausgabe 06/2018, S. 98