We are proud to say that all services work without personal data like login, e-mail or real name. This page will tell you which data will be transmitted and stored when and where while using the app or this website.

iOS App

The list of trackers and the SMS history will be stored on your iPhone locally.

Online Services

Cell-ID Localization

If a tracker has no GPS fix due to bad reception, some types send the cell-ID of the mobile radio tower instead. The app forwards this ID plus the cell provider to our server, which translates this info into an approximate location. This feature can be switched of in the settings.

Reverse Geocoding

Apple provides this service as iOS framework.


The live-tracking is only possible with a central server. If you activate the service for a tracker, the app will send this data to the server, which will be deleted after deactivation: IMEI, tracker name, tracker type. The tracker itself will continously transmit this data depending on its type: Coordinates, time, cell id, speed, direction, altitude, IMEI, battery charge. The server will store this for the time of the activation period and not longer than 12 months respectively.
The configured geo-fences will only be stored once for all trackers and therefor will remain on the server.
Phone number and password of your trackers will NOT be transmitted to the server.


If activated, the app uses the Apple-iCloud to synchronize the user's identity amongst his iOS devices. The identity is anonymous and is represented by a 32-digit random number. This enables the app to work on the same server settings on all iOS devices.

This Website


Our website makes use of a session cookie. That is a small text file, which enables to store user related data on the user's device while he/she is using the website. Also, the "AddToAny" stores another cookie, which will be stored beyond the end of the brower session.
You can use this site without cookies.

Compatibility Test

The uploaded manuals will be stored for internal use.